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  • Tenet



    Ended up catching this a 2nd time for the sake of a date.

    It remains diverting enough, but what struck me the most is just how much it buckles under any level of scrutiny.

    Large stretches simply do not make sense, and the twist with Pattinson's character...yeah, no. It's nice in theory, but makes no sense under the rules the film itself establishes.

    Last of all, the whole "parts of the the doomsday weapon" thing felt even dumber this time.…

  • Deep Rising

    Deep Rising


    The mashup of The Poseidon Adventure and Alien that no one ever needed. However, watching this did solve what’s been essentially a lifelong mystery!

    I have always faintly recalled catching a clip of this film at some hotel as a kid (I would have 9 years old-ish) during a Siskel & Ebert review, I never knew the film’s title, but scene was branded in my young mid for its gross out factor, of a man shooting tentacles and bodies spilling from…

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  • The Man Standing Next

    The Man Standing Next


    I've long wanted to see a good film about the assassination of President Park Chung-hee. To be clear, he's an absolutely monumental, divisive figure within Korea. He oppressed his people, but was also responsible for much of Korea's modernization. Many in the older and younger generations in the country are *still* largely divided over their perception of him, as well as that of his daughter, another corrupt, ousted President. So, when I saw that we were finally getting one, but…

  • Double Suicide

    Double Suicide


    Masahiro Shinoda Explored: Part VII

    I've intentionally taken my time getting to Shinoda's most widely appreciated films, wanting to take in some of the lesser known entries in between the "big" ones. Having done Pale Flower early, I meandered before arriving, here, to Double Suicide.

    From the moment this film starts, it's apparent this is meant to be an *experience*, opening to a black screen and the powerful music of legendary composer Toru Takemitsu (his work here is essential).