The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★½

(A review by a Floridian who has been in these places without seeing this side of the people there)

This movie completely transports you to another world. Sure, that "world" is only steps outside the happiest place on earth, but it's nowhere near as perfect. What makes it special is how much optimism survives the dump that is Moonee's home. Although the movie waits to show us the world purely through her eyes until the jaw-dropping finale, we live in her world for the rest of it, at Moonee's eye level. While it does have "moments", this is more about the mundane hours that permeate day to day life. Very few films capture these moments with as much authenticity and love as The Florida Project does.

-"shut up you THOT!"
-sharing ice cream
-I have bought ice cream from that iconic building and been run through Moonee's plan to get her own
-This is the only film that portrays Florida correctly
-They did THAT with an iPhone 6s
-I'm not crying, you're crying, crying

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