Piercing ★★★★★

i often think the shit that critics say is overrated but this is truly one of the best horror movies of 2019. christopher abbott stars as a family man with an insane urge to murder his newborn child with an ice pick. in order to suppress these urges to murder, he plans a mini-vacation to a far-away hotel where he will murder an innocent call girl. unbeknownst to reed, she has plans of her own and he soon quickly realizes that she may be just as unhinged as him, maybe even worse.  

piercing feels like an acid trip at times. the cinematography is stunning, the characters are eccentric and the story is a complete mindfuck. mia wasikowska and christopher abbott are magnetic together. nicolas pesce is a fantastic director but maybe i’m bias because i love his other recent work (the eyes of my mother / the grudge (2020) )