Suspiria ★★★★★

lucas guadagnino’s adaptation of argento’s cult classic masterpiece suspiria is otherworldly and one of the most beautiful/artistic films i’ve ever seen. the color palette is primarily nude and dark brown and it’s absolutely stunning. the additions to the story take it to a whole new artistic level and dakota johnson’s portrayal of suzy is flawless. suspiria is beautiful chaos, the original left many fans unsure of what they’ve watched and that’s what i love about it. much like this adaptation, it’s abstract and viewers take different meanings from it. the dancing isn’t generic as the original, it’s thought out and tells a story. i love the inclusion of actual dance numbers. the heavy breaths, close-ups, and quick shots feel as though you’re in the moment. it’s insane. also, i’m very happy to see mia goth in this film. it was such a surprise and she does a fucking fantastic job. 

as for the ending, it’s beautiful chaos and i love every fucking second of it. it really allows the score to take the lead and it swells throughout the last act. thom yorke is a fucking genius.