Wrong Turn ★★★★½

“don’t forget it’s movie and pizza night.. the boys picked something about inbred cannibals”

this soft reboot gave an entire new meaning to the franchise’s premise. the cast in this film not only gave stellar performances but was incredibly diverse in terms of cultures and professions. we had nurses, business owners, environmentalists, etc and it was nice to see that experience become a useful characteristic as things began to spiral out of control (at least for some characters). i’m going to get personal for a second, not only as a black gay man but as someone who’s been in interracial relationships. i felt that sense of fear some of the characters had when they were visiting the little redneck town. this movie is realistic. WHICH ALSO FUCK YES FOR HAVING A GAY COUPLE AS TWO LEADS. 

the gore in this film is out of the world and from what i’ve watched on the big screen, it’s all practical effects. ari aster fans will rejoice at the amount of head trauma that takes place in this movie. the booby trap kills are unique, there’s loads of blood and lots of close ups on the mutilated bodies which made me squirm and smile. 

when it comes to the story, this installment definitely has a unique new approach to the franchise. don’t expect to watch a hillbilly horror slasher, go in expecting a survival slasher horror film with a strong cult like presence. the history and politics of this hidden civilization (the foundation) was intriguing to learn and added layers to our antagonists. my eyes were glued to the screen the entire time. the script is written well, the cinematography delivers some beautiful shots and the hidden themes of finding yourself and the idea of what’s morally right made for some interesting character choices. character choices that i haven’t seen in a horror film since the 1988 slasher film, American Gothic. another reason why this reboot feels so realistic is the fact that a fair amount of the film highlights the fear the family members of our group are experiencing because they’re missing.  

i have a lot of thoughts so i’m going to end on this. charlotte vega is a phenomenal horror star and her in that kill bill inspired scene was fucking killer. i cheered so loud.

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