Rating is quality of film for what it is. Heart is whether or not I liked it (I like most stuff). Favorite films rotate.

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  • Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl


    I kinda hated this movie for the first thirty minutes or so. Juno Temple's character is beyond unlikable and the humor simply comes across as cruel. However, once the leads hit the road things begin to soften, and the friendship that develops ended up winning me over by the end. Also thought it was funny that the most 80s thing that the filmmakers latch onto in this one is the flour baby.

  • Destroyer



    Nicole Kidman rocked it in this gritty cop drama (more like trauma, amiright?) with undercover cop heist flashbacks. And Bradley Whitford has one of my favorite one scene performances ever. The movie also has a fantastic payoff. Only knocks are that the main bad guy needed to be more evil and the incident that Kidman was haunted by was nowhere near as bad as the characters claimed it was. Still, Highly recommend.

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  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    Ignoring the comedy, this one is top notch filmmaking. Love that it opens with the synth pop, but it's so much more than that. Bo does a great job of embracing the covid mindset. He makes the jokes but never really drops the act cuz I'm guessing he experienced the hell along with the rest of us. So many moments throughout where my mind was blown by what he was able to do within a single room. A+

  • Share



    This movie's pretty effective in portraying the uphill (and generally losing) battle that survivors of sexual assault (and revenge porn?) have to deal with in modern society. I thought it was a smart decision to focus on the mystery of what happened, helping them avoid that after-school special/lifetime movie feel. And I liked that the ending provided closure without forcing an unrealistic resolution (even if it was predictable). I was very impressed with the lead and her parents, both in performance and character, while Charlie Plummer was a significant standout (as always) among the classmates.