• Dog Eat Dog

    Dog Eat Dog


    After one of the characters dies there is a slo-mo flashback memory of a ketchup and mustard fight.

  • The Father

    The Father


    Anthony Hopkins earned his Oscar in this non-linear dementia drama that'll get those tears from you eventually.

  • D.C. Cab

    D.C. Cab


    You know how they always treat dancing like it's the most important thing in the world in dance movies? Well, it's the same thing in this movie, except with driving taxis. Adam Baldwin, Mr T, and Gary Busey (among others), entertain enough in this ensemble comedy that has the same kinda setup as car wash.

  • Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling

    Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling


    Richard Pryor works through some of his issues by writing, directing and starring in his own life story. Quality watch for those who want a look behind the curtain. Especially liked seeing his development as a comedian.

  • Sharky's Machine

    Sharky's Machine


    Underrated Burt Reynolds cop thriller. It takes a while to get going, but this one felt like it had real stakes, plus a strong third act. I like the multiple bad guys, and I wanna say it's also grittier than most of Reynolds' 80s output (that I've seen).

  • Borg vs McEnroe

    Borg vs McEnroe


    Enthralling real life tennis story whose two main characters somehow mirror each other perfectly despite being opposites. I didn't know the outcome going into it, but it becomes pretty clear who wins based on where the focus is throughout. Love me a committed Shia LaBeouf performance (which, fortunately, is all of them).

  • The Canyons

    The Canyons


    Not the best movie, but definitely better than its reputation. I think with better actors the payoff could have been far more effective. Instead, we've got our focus on Lindsay Lohan cuz she's nude, and James Deen cuz he does porn (he's actually not too bad in this). The other couple was aiight too.

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    Awesome soft reboot for the Suicide Squad. Funny, gory and always taking hard lefts, you can tell how much work Gunn put into this one. I think my favorite thing about this movie is that every character (and there are a lot of them) feels fully realized. I guess the exception is the Tinkerer, but he just felt like a plot device anyway. There were maybe 5-6 characters that were my favorite at one point or another during the movie.…

  • Vengeance: A Love Story

    Vengeance: A Love Story


    This one lost me at the ridiculously stupid courtroom scene. So bad (I won't bother goin through it for ya). And why is "a love story" in the title? I don't even know who the romance would be between. Nic Cage and the little girl? Certainly not the mom and the four rapists, right? But who knows with the rest of the crap in this one. Oh, and Cage isn't in this one too much. The middle 45 is all about the mom and daughter.

  • Starting Over

    Starting Over


    Fantastic late 70s romance.

  • Kiss Me Goodbye

    Kiss Me Goodbye


    I liked this love-triangle-comedy-where-one-of-them-is-a-ghost enough, but I don't think I bought the chemistry between Bridges and Field. Would have been 100% fine if she somehow ended up with dead James Caan in the end (except not really cuz he cheated on her a ton when alive). Do think the movie flowed at a nice pace and was enjoyable overall. Plus, bonus points for the third act keeping up the energy.

  • Dying of the Light

    Dying of the Light


    Pretty meh for a Paul Schrader film (especially considering he wrote it as well). A good premise, I suppose, but it just didn't move fast enough for me. Shocked I still get sad when I see Anton Yelchin on screen.