Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★½

Scott Derrickson's "Doctor Strange" is a visually intoxicating and narratively exciting entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An action film powered by a charismatic lead navigating electric imagery, the superhero outing melds fantasy, science, and save-the-world plot beats for an always-compelling and fully enjoyable piece of comic book-inspired entertainment.

Revolving around the evolution of Dr. Stephen Strange from talented surgeon to time altering wizard, "Dr. Strange" find its titular hero learning new skills after his life is altered in an accident. Those skills will lead Benedict Cumberbatch's Strange to both a greater understanding of the true nature of the world and a conflict with a maniac.

The narrative is smart and multi-faceted, layering story conventions from more than one genre under a sense of humor and sense of awe.
Themes are typical for a superhero film, but the ideas of preternaturally exceptional humans serving as humanity's guardians operate smoothly within the film's fantastic story veneer.

Derrickson creates a kaleidoscopic world that is visually arresting. Coupled with memorable performances, swift editing, and cohesive direction, the film's puzzle box aesthetic drives the work to becomes an exemplar of effects, personality, and look-driven storytelling.

"Doctor Strange" is top notch super hero stuff. Ideally cast and cinematically invigorating, the work rides an intriguing story and dynamic energy to a completely engaging and steadily entertaining impact.

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