The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

One of 2016's best comedies, Shane Black's "The Nice Guys" is a blast. Smart, spry, and completely enjoyable, the 1970s-set story of two private dicks is a stand-out gem that entertains with a rock-solid cast and a sturdy, likable wit.

Dateline, Los Angeles. Two mismatched private detectives team up to bring down a politico tied a young woman's lack of safety. They are marginally successful. "The Nice Guys" revolves around the pair's journey through the seedy and not-so-seedy world of adult film, big auto, and parenting.

Again, it is all a blast. Black tells the tale with sharp dialogue, fully formed characters, and an undergirding heart. It is a buddy cop story for this millennium that reflects and the last, thrilling with rousing cleverness and lively spirit.

As spry as its dialogue is wry, Black assembles a production that pops with polyester and period detail. It is the 1970s writ large across the screen with a focus on cinematic vigor and character-based action.

In Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, Black casts a pair that may just rival Gibson and Glover. It is savvy and electric casting that benefits from the charm and charisma of its actors, easily handling the screenplay's quips and emotions. The chemistry is inviting, and the personalities of Black's protagonists are buoyantly delivered.

"The Nice Guys" is simply great. Quick-paced and quick-witted, brilliantly cast and colorfully executed, it is a wholly intelligent and deliciously entertaining experience from start to finish.

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