Dune World

Dune World ★★★

I have thrown the three coins six times. I have read the upper and lower trigrams. The one eyed man can see. The lame man can tread. He treads on the tail of the tiger.The tiger bites the man. Thus ends the reading of the Book Of Changes.

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Holy fuck. Oh fuck. I died laughing at this. Every time they used a noun, they added “space” before it. Spaceways. Space rumors. Space routes. Space lasers. Space pits. Space I-Ching. Space sand. Space scans. Space runs. Space oracles. Space worms. Space space. Space. 

I fucking loved this insane mashup of Polonia low budget goodness and an incredibly stoned interpretation of Dune mixed with TOS era Trek. I also loved that there seemed to be no actual sets. Almost everything outdoors was filmed on a green screen because POLONIAS ARENT COWARDS