Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

I'm convinced David Byrne is more of a magician than he is a musician, as his seemingly effortless ability to conjure the greatest art possible with the best collaborators one could ever hope for has never failed to leave me dumbfounded. It was on what was probably my 80th re-listen of Remain in Light that I realized just how incredible it was, and that I had been holding off this movie for way too long. The sense of pure unadulterated joy I find in the music of The Talking Heads is second to none, and this film is the final proof that they deserve my full adoration; it's rare to have a group perform on such a high level, and for this band to do so while clearly having such a blast is nothing short of miraculous. The film presents a "story" through the development of it's presentation, Jonathan Demme chronicling the rise in complexity of the band's music and performance rigor in a seemingly endless escalation of musical prowess and visual delight, the result of which as nonsensical as it is genuinely beautiful. This film is as energetic, thoughtful, sweaty, and fun as you could possibly hope for, and it lived up to it's reputation for me in a way that is impossible to fully describe in words.

Plus, without The Talking Heads we never would've gotten Kermit doing a parody as crazy as this, so I'm a little confused why they haven't gotten the Nobel Peace Prize yet.

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