Sunset Boulevard ★★★★½

Ok so this movie is obviously brilliant and I can't add any especially unique commentary on just how great Billy Wilder tells the story. Luckily, I have a totally tangential anecdote to share!

The tango played in the New Years scene is called La Cumparista, and it's one of the most popular tangos ever made. I was going crazy trying to figure out where I had heard the song before when the event can't on, but I was able to put my finger on it eventually. I had the chance to play it in a small group of tuba and baritone players a couple months ago, and the experience of hearing such lively music played on such low instruments is delightfully bizarre. This isn't my group, but this recording kind of gets the gist of it across:

But yes anyways Sunset Boulevard is GOAT filmmaking, long live silent movies, Gloria Swanson rules, seeing old Buster Keaton made me sad, etc...

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