Jaws ★★★★★

This movie gives me so much nostalgia. And omg I can’t believe my parents let me and my sisters see this movie when we were young. I was barely a pre-teen!

I rewatched this in the 4K edition and I actually noticed some fake shooting stars along with other little similar things.

Also this rewatch I actually paid attention to Quint’s war story. That and his boats name really does remind me now of the whole Moby Dick arc story. I also noticed so many foreshadowing for that tank.

My favorite scenes are still the music for the shark. 2 notes and we have a villain. Also Dreyfuss in the cage watching the shark is gold. And now I see how good those close ups are with Quint, Hooper & Brody.

After reading the book last year I really appreciate how Spielberg changed the story. When I first saw this movie it scared me so much. For the longest time I wouldn’t swim in deep end of swimming pools let alone the ocean! Reading that book was both good and bad. The good for more character description. Bad because omg! The author drove me crazy with calling the damn shark a fish! Either a giant fish, man-eater fish, or just a fish, but shark was hardly ever mentioned!

So when Brody tells his wife to tell the kids he’s just “going fishing” when he takes off with Quint just had me thinking of that book and it’s “fish.”

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