Midsommar ★★★★★

midsommar had me writing down runes in lipstick on my napkin and thinking “ok ari aster, you are the king of atmospheric horror” right after the opening sequence. however, i didn’t find midsommar to be particularly scary, but i think that was because i have some personal connections to the film (i spent a few weeks in the swedish countryside a couple of summers ago and have studied paganism/pagan folklore), so instead of being shocked, i was mostly just excited.

midsommar is visually stunning. grotesque imagery is paired with beautiful summer colors and light, and the psychedelic visuals throughout the film add a layer of disorientation (i think aster has had a few bad trips, but that’s just a hunch). the story moves a bit slowly, but i hardly noticed because i was too busy soaking in the visuals. midsommar is a wonderful companion piece to hereditary, as it draws on similar themes and imagery, but presents them in the context of a pastoral, colorful nightmare.

alright, gonna go put some flowers on my altar and soak in the afterglow of this beautiful film

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