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Halloween Kills ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

"Evil Dies Tonight".

If Halloween Kills was thrown into a dirty vending machine then I can see it. If a major production crew like Blum house or if director David Gordon Green had one creative original idea to make this middle chapter what it is internal brutal bloodshed for where there's no awakening then you had Halloween Kills a insipid second installment in the Halloween franchise. It is a major disappointment. After the first film in this new trilogy, I bet that this... in general had to be this awful and misguided, it had to be terrible. Turns out it really is a stinker since I came into this movie expecting one final confrontation between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode that at it's heart concludes a franchise way too late but it never got me that. What it gave me was pure bloodshed. Pure bloodshed. The title is very accurate. Michael Myers kills lots of people in brutal unimaginable ways and it did not give me the idea that a movie this poorly directed can be so so brutal upon every character or victim presented here. It just feels misguided.

When Michael comes home. There's the directors and screenwriters in the final stage of finishing the script not knowing what to add or put in the grueling world of Halloween. I am saying there's no style to any of David Gordon Green's direction. My guess David Gordon Green's own intentions was to focus on the remaining characters of Handonfield to give up their ways of grief encountering Michael Myers and try to fight him back or hunt him down. The residents of Handonfield give clearly good intentions to defeat Michael but in the end they fail miserably so it can't be all just guns or knives to kill Michael but Laurie Strode. She has been a recurring character in the entire franchise so why not have one of the franchise's iconic scream queens face him off in this? Well the film never actually clashes the two common fighters together so David Gordon Green directs Jamie Lee Curtis to stay in a hospital nor walk around the hospital so you can tell Laurie Strode has nothing to do here or is given anything to do here since after Halloween Kills the final film "Halloween Ends" will have a confusing time jump to 4 years including Laurie Strode and Michael Myers confront their own ways. To me having Jamie Lee Curtis do so little to her character is awfully misleading. The reason I say this is because she's all over the posters, trailers, tv spots and when you watch the film itself she just lays in an hospital bed for the reminder of the movie so she has nothing to do in his film. While she has few moments with Officer Hawkins but it never is truly developed. So why add Jamie Lee Curtis at all if your not going to give her enough material to work with?.

The film itself, well it's terribly inconsistent due to how the terrible yet awful narrative structure feels unbalanced. You have Michael Myers in his most terrible stages. Throughout the film you have him murder lots of innocent people brutally. So if your going to have a murdering killer murder lots of people throughout the film without actually using him as a way to build suspense then your wasting your time David Gordon Green. They turn Michael Myers into a jump scare fueled character in the mix then a psychopathic creep. In the original Halloween he was scary due to how creepy he was, here the jump scares occur every bit of the film. The jump scares add no suspense or thrill to anything. The tension is let loose because due to how terribly directed it is, Blum or Carpenter clearly lots sight from the original and just made it goofier goofier and more goofier. There are various characters making stupid decisions like mistaking Michael Myers with a 2 inched mental patient in the hospital scene there he falls to his death. Use guns and knives to the point Michael Myers is immune to these kinds of weaponry. It translates to the fact this movie doesn't make any sense to me.

It somewhat cuts back to the fact Officer Hawkins made a bad choice to stop Dr. Loomis from killing Michael for good. They mention that in one scene and just abandon it. At times it never takes subject matter seriously more it takes the Halloween route into sillier objections were it was with the Jamie series. Although I would've loved having Laurie Strode find a way to kill Michael Myers for good and just be done with it. The way they bring back Dr. Loomis is quite insulting to the actor's death. There was no principal for the film to actually bring back one of the franchise's most iconic characters. I guess they used technology to render Donald Pleasence's face into another guys body or his face is shown briefly to not fully show Donald Pleasence himself. Lots of it's charms from the original Halloween is gone. The kills are bloodier than it's predecessor, the gore is shocking to the point it has no point. The film has to have a story going on or else not having a story within the film is cheap and won't take audiences for granted getting invested in what supposedly is murder porn or torture porn if you will. Other kind of horror films handle blood and gore perfectly without distracting me from the actual experience.

I don't think the blood and gore distracts me from the story or wisely nice characters. The humor in general takes me away from the actual experience. Nothing ever feels comedic or humorous in this movie. It just feels unpleasant for it's "humor" to balance between David's own mythology against Michael Myers. Humor doesn't do anything to make it like Scream or something. The fact is Scream is funny because it did make fun of horror movie tropes, cliches or anything wrong with scary movies. The humor is unfunny and takes me away from the experience briefly. Nothing ever feels creative or intentional to be original as the original. We have pointless characters who are there to get killed by Michael Myers including the gay couple who for some reason live in the house of Michael Myers. You have some victims from the original Halloween who inspire the residents of Handonfield to act up and try to kill Michael for good. There was a point where developing a group of misfits including the mob to kill Michael Myers is useless and too cliche to actually work.

David Gordon Green needed to do something about this slasher genre that's dying. The slasher genre used to be creative, original or creepy. The characters are useless, pointless and serve no purpose to it's bad written story. They are there to get killed by Michael Myers himself. I'd had to ask "Why does this sequel exists?" why does it exist soulfully to manipulate the audience in seeing gortesque violence and gore nor it shows pointless characters. I am not willing to embrace it's goofiness or awful narrative structure to add violence for dumb fun. There were scenes where I never felt tension or connection to any of characters in here. I just felt nothing after watching it besides pure disappointment and furious anger knowing I have to see yet another upcoming sequel. Universal keeps butchering the Halloween films like it's nothing. There is no style to any of the substance or material for characters to react or stay in Michael's fearsome environment. The film is filled with usual horror tropes especially when you have a gay couple explain who lives in Michael's house originally and give the kids a scare. Those were the kind of horror tropes I don't want to see in the sequel or any other film in the horror genre.

The performances where downright terrible so as for it's terrible use of dialogue that feels uninspired. No matter how hard you try Gordon Green to bring back the original's creativeness or narrative structure it has no significant greater tune to it whatsoever. The score itself is too good to be iconic again meaning the score got ruined for so much tin installments that it's not iconic anymore. The production design really outdid the film's terrible lighting choices or ugliness. I have never see a movie this terrible looking and boring in my entire lifetime. This film is pointless to the point It's barely worth talking about or I don't care if I spoil it for you guys right? Well no because it's such a waste of time or energy to have a once great director tackle themes, suspense nor intense thrill to handle such raw material fade. David Gordon isn't that good with the Halloween franchise. This time it has to be Carpenter. He can do something wildly different then what David Gordon Green creates for this franchise. Carpenter used to be Halloween's pioneers so it's no shame to see this franchise finally drawing to a close finally.

We can still have Halloween Ends just that if your going to follow the same usual formula done billions of times before for the past couple of installments here then this franchise is truly dead. I saw this with a friend of mine and he said the movie sucks, the characters make lots of stupid decisions, the acting is terrible but he liked the kills in it. But for me the formula for this franchise starts to wear thin to the point an audience members aren't going to pay any attention or take interest in seeing Laurie Strode fight her demons. It's not scary anymore, it's not thrilling anymore, it's not suspenseful anymore like it was 40 years ago so there's no embrace to this day for Halloween to end. David Gordon Green said in an interview "Ends will be more contained then Kills". He also said Halloween Ends will take place four years after Kills and will have Handonfield go through lots of troubling conflicts or problems. David Gordon Green will eventually say it can have a time jump. I had no problem for a director to capture Halloween's creativeness but it's ending surely sets up the third and final installment right? Absolutely.

The ending is so well-established that I don't want to see these movies anymore. Like I said in my review for the 2018 spiritual sequel I will be officially done seeing these movies but for the love of Christ please I wish this franchise can die without question. The film gods have no idea what to write a story with or how to build suspense but I want this franchise to die instantly. It's been 40 years and we're still going with the same thing over and over again. Please stop David Gordon Green your originality, directional takes aren't as pleasing as Carpenters. The fact you cram in so much sentimental elements, poor characters and poor directional choices to let loose isn't scary anymore more never intentional or terrifying. Halloween Kills just feels misguided and not interesting for the most part. The script is poorly written, unoriginal piece of crap that spends most of it's time focusing on cheap violence then thrills.

Halloween Kills is terribly misguided like it's central main characters. I have no words here. This franchise has to end or else there's no ways out of this franchise anymore. If you want better Halloween films then see the original Halloween films. Sure they may not be perfect or are perfectly directed but at least there's creativity and passion done in it charms. Modern day Halloween feels unoriginal, painfully watchable. If your going into this expecting a bloody good time then by all means enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself with it's festival of violence then focus on what makes movies masterpieces or worth watching. This is utterly worse then H20 or worse then the other film in this painful trilogy. I'd said enough about this film in more ways I don't think there will be one for awhile.

In conclusion let this franchise die tonight.

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