John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★★★★½

“Your Pissed John?”
“ Yeah!” 

Franchise inducing? John Wick Chapter 3 may be the most festive, creative installment out of the series so far. Far from concern John Wick Chapter 3 is highly entertaining, well-written, brilliantly choreographed because of the film’s creative action sequences. I enjoyed the action sequences because of how cinematography holds my attention hostage focusing on Keanu Reeves kicking ass. I experienced John Wick like I never seen him fight people with swords, gun-fu, horse kicking fell under my spell of dread for John Wick. Nothing caught me off guard, I wasn’t confused into anything that was going on. John Wick Chapter 3 delivers creative action sequences, Keanu Reeves’s badass mentality killing assassins after him. John Wick gets chased by assassins who are after him because John Wick violating rule by killing some snot from the round table. 
Keanu Reeves gives it his all playing a mature, on the run John Wick fighting assassins brutality. I love how John Wick murders people creativity by Chad Stahelski’s brilliant direction. The VFX, stunts are very realistic, believable and forms itself a brilliant action set peace. Halle Berry randomly shows up in the film spiking from the trailers, Halle Berry seemed too badass, irrational and her character meant nothing for the movie but set up more sequels including her. Laurence Fishburne reprises his role as Bowery King although the dialogue is hilarious coming from Laurence Fishburne’s mouth. I have no issue with John Wick Chapter 3. Every action set peace, dialogue, acting is amazing, Chad Stahelski’s direction puts John Wick into a world of chaos, assassins all around ready to kill him. 
Like they said “Don’t Stab the devil in the back” messing with John Wick is hard, communicating and making deals he won’t give a remote crap unless your just a single random guy he will
just murder you. In conclusion John Wick Chapter 3 delivers entertaining action sequences, well-written story, Keanu Reeves’s badass portrayal of John Wick makes all the more enjoyable throughout this series. I highly recommend seeing all the John Wick films there action movies like you never seen before-golden masterpieces.

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