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This review may contain spoilers.

"You see, Peter, People need to believe. And nowadays, they'll believe anything".

A stardust of a film. It's been said and done. I think Spider-Man Far from Home honestly might be the weakest out of the series so far. While I tend to believe Spider-Man Homecoming followed the titular role of Peter in a state of teenage crisis, this follows something else far more super than a freaking Dc film has ever put. It follows Peter taking a school vacation to Europe. Recently, my biology teacher wanted to have a school vacation to Japan. But it was on the waiting list so I can see why I could relate to this up brining sequel. While sequels tend to be better than the first. Far from Home lacks certain ingredients from the first film. It may not be second times the charms, but it works at times.

Far From Home takes place after the events of Endgame. It does feature a National Lampoon's Vacation sort of formula to it except it's with Spider-Man. It takes on exotic locations, it takes on a romance film genre that's been dead for billions of years. It takes lots of genres that I can't wrap my head around it to see which is which. Tony Stark is dead, and Peter Parker has to take his responsibility by himself this time. This new story this film follows is both misguided, entertaining and has few surprises up its own sleeve. You've probably heard of the Sony/Marvel deal to fully erase Spider-Man from the MCU completely because Sony can't make deals they can't refuse otherwise. So, people had high hopes for this expecting this was the last film to star Spider Man but, in the end, it wasn't all gilts, action, web slinging after all. It follows a basic story that feels broken in its own significant touches.

Without temptation or surrealism to keep Spider-Man alive. Marvel in their usual business decided to focus more on spending billions of dollars on worthless rendered CGI, practical effects, humiliating green screen effects that make the film look like a purposeful video game then a real film. I mean, Spider-Man Homecoming in of itself within its own subgenre of superhero felt like a real coming-of-age story that is being told for a different side of Spider-Man fans or audiences alike. It had a variety of interesting characters, little to know CGI and had lots of character stuff we get used to in the early days of superhero films. This sequel, it tries to do something wildly different from the first film and it's just a loud, noisy VFX art painting made by a resurrected Vincent Van Gough. If you love art just like me then you know what I am talking about here.

It's just the first had significant style to it regardless of how the script unbalanced itself. They utilized Peter Parker's alter ego perfectly. They give Tom Holland something to work with the material and in the end turned out great. I still love Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man here in this sequel. Just when the studio chooses to focus on the VFX in post production then the actual movie itself, they completely butchered it a little bit by forcing in a pointless romance between him and MJ. I mean Zendaya barely had screen time in the first one so why not give her the amount of screen time in this sequel? Yeah. Something about the two is staggering to me. It seems Peter's involvement in this mysterio plot gets him into trouble. Somehow, it's like watching Raimi blindfolded.

It gets the "Villain" aspects right. Mysterio was a nice addition to this film. Jake Gyllenhaal's portrayal of Mysterio was believable in some respects. Gyllenhaal's charms, charisma, menace here for Mysterio is excellent. What Mysterio does is nothing we've seen before and it took me by storm to see Mysterio totally manipulate the audience like if the dummies in the theater expected more out of Spider-Man but this time it felt personal then that. Peter thinks he's doing the right decisions in his life. He reveals to Mary Jane that he's Spider-Man and somehow, she finds trust in him that even if he revealed his identity to her, it does become something serious for him to keep or have for the rest of his life.

Jon Watts may have pulled it off with his interpretation of Spider-Man well but here studio executives told him to let loose for a bit. Nobody wants character drama or redeeming conflicts that make a character grow. Let's bring in the noisy CGI fest audiences love out of superhero films like these. The story feels paper thin in my honest opinion. Listen having Peter Parker travel to Europe only to find more villains or more trouble sounds interesting on paper or an individual comic book. But the material Jon Watts work with here is all over the place. Sometimes it changes from a science fiction film, romance film or since the film's overbearing comedy takes itself way too seriously, it falls flat on it's face.

That's right, an "okay'' movie like this has attempts at spawning humor that's repetitive and sometimes took me out of the story. It didn't need to be like this. All we had is a simple vacation concept that's fun and lighthearted and Marvel expected us to enjoy bland looking CGI? This film as a film I would say feels dated, corny and tries too hard to be like the first predecessor. It's generic plot holes like how Nick Fury knew where Peter Parker was. Why is Peter Parker revealing he's Spider Man to MJ in the second act? All of these plot holes seem generic to be true but its Jon Watts directional decisions that ultimately break the fourth wall here.

Yeah, I can say Jon Watts successfully peaks into breaking the fourth wall here. He's combination of romance is bland as hell. There are too many characters to flesh out in one whole movie. It's Spider-Man's film why are we seeing other characters flumping around in the set like big idiots? I think for certain Mysterio evaluates the material or keeps the film in better shape. The visual effects are once again bland but some how Mysterio's plan to manipulate Spider-Man into fighting fake goons or monsters is actually quite impressive. Lying to the audience is what I needed out of a Spider-Man film honestly. The drone fights though are especially dated and have no sense of realism to them whatsoever.

Mysterio's costume though is cool. Spider-Man's new costumes and tech all feel represented as a superhero who he's leader who has fallen generously buys Spider-Man as taking "Iron Man's place" for a while. Peter's grief losing Tony is established in the beginning of the movie, but it keeps on being mentioned in some scenes like if that's the kind of character conflict Spider-Man or Peter Parker should face in this sequel. When it doesn't really work on some levels or less. Nothing ever looks real and is splashed with endless CGI. Since when Spider Man became so real looking? Never, right? unless if its animation then you can do the trick.

Europe also feels like its hidden behind a green screen. Probably the entire section of locations here showcased in this film. I mean Europe looks nice in person but in this film has few exotic landscapes that feel realistic. Okay, I've been too negative considering there are some tin good things about this film. The action is at least entertaining for the most part even if it's not shot well. The dynamic Mysterio and Peter had in the first time they meet is surprisingly excellent. The fact Peter lives up to Hogan's expectations taking Iron Man's place is impressive on certain degrees. The relationship Peter has with MJ is more fleshed out then it was in the first film. The two have wonderful chemistry so as Mysterio and Peter.

Although the dialogue, acting, script may not be great as the first, but I guess for Spider-Man fans like me, this is considered toxic because it's something straight out of an episode of those animated cartoons you seen as a child. It acts more like an attempt at becoming a successful blockbuster than anything else. For me, I saw this early way before it came out in theaters and for me it was a gigantic waste of time that in terms of everything else a perfect superhero film could have would've improved or work things out to make it as better as the first. Nothing ever feels iconic anymore in films recently. This trend Hollywood faces every week, and every year needs to stop.

It's like the writers of this script was lazy to even remotely do anything interesting with what they've got. They just colored drawn scenarios or action scenes that involved CGI and copied and pasted into character moments. It has a strong resemblance to that I hate out of this movie. In the end, Peter's identity is revealed, it was the type of ending I see that is establishing the next movie for the future that's unimpressive.

I mean the majority of its CGI, VFX visuals, green screen backgrounds aren't even an experience worth seeing in theaters, I mean this is the kind of movie you see on a plane. Sometimes you're better off watching the end credits and you won't feel lost in this trilogy. That's all that matters. To say this was disappointing is an understatement. It has some great scenes while others don't hold up as much as others. I hope the third installment fixes its mistakes and tells a story that is at least interesting. Here it's all loud noises at the end of the day.

Spider-Man Far from Home honestly isn't my favorite Spider-Man film to date. It lacks the personality it has from the first film that's charming and energetic. Nothing ever feels real, or the number of characters is smashed into one whole movie. The conflicts Peter faces this time is interesting though. It's not to say I hated this sequel, I loved it, but they are few things that bothered me when I first saw it. Rewatching it now doesn't have any impact on me than the first time. The emotional bond of it feels out of place.

In conclusion there is something to arguably enjoy here in this sequel. It's refreshing, entertaining, action packed and most importantly it did characterize Spider-Man as a stature of inspiration and good deeds. It has one of the nosiest CGI moments I've seen in cinema history and has a romance plot line so dated and corny that it was too good to be true. Spider-Man Far from Home may be dated for some, but it's felt good romp of visual effects representing a video game looking movie can entertain you if your true fan of Spider-Man or else it's a slapper. Overall, a decent entry into the Spider-Man universe.

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