The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★

Here I stand The Devil all the Time a repetitive crime thriller set in it’s own universe as poorly written, double downed crime story focusing on nocturnal religions elements. Now The Devil all the Time despite the movie’s A list actors casted, the movie falls apart completely telling murkier storylines that don’t make sense, are nonsense or dumb. Grabbing A-list actors to star in a gritty crime film adds nothing to my personal first viewing. Actors like Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Jason Clarke, Bill Skarsgård wasted their talent on this poorly developed religions film. 

First of all the characters placed in this film, we don’t know anything about these characters, None of them have a personality, background or origin to be there only to speak in a Texas accent. Even Tom Holland or Robert Pattison couldn’t save this movie. Maybe because Robert Pattinson was in Christopher Nolan’s flop Tenet (another film he starred in). Also Tom Holland forgot the fact he was Spider-Man and a Elf in Onward. I don’ know why this movie exist because to re-adapt the novel? Re-adapting the novel’s source material turning it into a gritty crime story doesn’t fit well into it’s muddy premise. 

This film does nothing but copy There Will Be Blood, A Quentin Tarantino style Martin Scorsese type setting. Besides that despite The Devil all the Time being R-rated for graphic violence, Netflix decided to not show the disturbing violence by cutting away like it was a movie placed on AMC. I don’t understand Netflix’s obsession in cutting the violence in their films while submitting other films (not Netflix material) they still have their template. So none of the violence ever disturbed me or was it just The Devil all the Time was PG-13 the whole time? 

The Devil all the Time’s promising gritty violence says something about Netflix’s unwanted attention in the viewers subroutine attempt on watching Netflix films. All I am saying Netflix doesn’t have to cut violence in their own films (no one is going to rant on your movies Netflix! wake up!) if the movie’s violence is too graphic you can tone it down a little bit. The Devil all the Time still is a poorly written, stupid crime story introducing characters we don’t know about and instead focus on it’s religious elements instead crafting a milkshake. Nothing makes any sense, the story, plot, script all feel one-dimensional, lazy and attempting on getting actors in their films. There’s nothing more I can say about “The Devil all the Time” All I can say is it’s pointless, repetitive, loud, cruel, boring film no message just drink your milkshake not thinking about hell but think about heaven instead.

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