Titanic ★★★★★

“I’m king of the world!!” 

Where do I begin with James Cameron’s modern epic romance Titanic a beautiful, well-directed period piece drama following wonderful performances and deep blue sea visual effects. I adore Titanic very much in terms of outstanding visual effects, James Cameron took my breath away with epic landscapes, two main characters Jack Dawson and Rose have great chemistry each of them played by James Cameron’s rules making each scene realistic and convincing as possible. While James Cameron succeeded with Terminator, Titanic is another example of masterpiece, spectacle and a lovely romance between Jack and Rose (boy was it romantic 😪) which probably made me tear up towards the climax. I wouldn’t call Titanic good but I would call it extremely beautiful looking and epic on the same level as any other epic film like Barry Lyndon but Titanic’s grace and skill managed to behold a dazzling film with reasonable stakes. See James Cameron didn’t just want anything too clumsy or cliche, James Cameron wanted everything to look perfect and promising. 

On a setting so reasonable and convincing, James Cameron set Titanic on North Atlantic we’re ocean waters weren’t exactly warm but cold at the seams
time. The movie is character driven focusing on Rose’s desperate affection for Jack Dawson a mysterious gentlemen guest an draws well once he aboard Titanic he gets to know Rose on a personal level. While Rose is forced to board Titanic alongside he’s abusive finance Caledon Hockley by he’s mother and family, Rose doesn’t feel comfortable with her fiancé and would rather be with Jack more since he’s manners, good looks and young age would be perfect for her instead of Caledon. You see differences from Jack and Caledon they both have same hairstyle and dress ware but Rose chooses Jack because he’s attractive behavior suits her well enough. I love the costume design all around but most importantly Jack and Rose build their chemistry as time goes on the dialogue never felt forced, pitched in or written on minutes before Rose meets Jack, Their chemistry is totally smooth and each time gets romantic once Titanic moves around. 

James Cameron’s direction is wonderful also with a 200 million dollar budget Titanic still looks beautiful in my opinion. Every scene depicting history’s greatest ships you feel the momentum build on around Jack and Rose’s inseparable relationship got impressive. Each time Jack explains he’s family history, facts and details seems like the dialogue is strong and reasonable from the two main characters. The cinematography choices are excellent, The two lovers actually have characters that romance films don’t follow much these days. You expect Titanic from another world depicting destruction while romance swings every corner onto your tissue paper but the relationship between Jack and Rose never got boring for me because you seem them have interesting dialogue and never let go of each other despite being on a ship in Atlantic’s  cold waters rocks some impactful tension. 

James Cameron had the freedom and efforts crafting Titanic’s ship and everything inside the ship we’re stunning and beautiful looking. Cameron built a life sized Titanic ship out of hand then placed inside a production studio but outside which got unique and impressive. Hollywood missed the fact building gigantic film elements take me away from the experience from any other romance film set in epic settings, sometimes elements aren’t fished out of water gold mines but achieve bigger when the director cares about making what he wants to make. Series of intelligent details inside the ship grew fashionable for the ship itself. Beyond being 3 hours long a modern epic like Titanic never got me bored because I connected with this film throughout my childhood upon multiple viewings. As a child sure I got bored but somehow my childhood self fell in love with it. I watched this movie many times than any other movie out there during my childhood.

The movie is filled with emotional weight impact and tear jerking scenes. Because those emotional scenes are well-written and believable once you get lavish emotion from supporting cast members I automatically feel engaged and raise stars up to 10 or 20. But when directors out there outlandish creative elements instead figure out cliche dialogue and flat out laughable scenes the romance movie I see from that is exhausting and boring. That’s why Titanic is secretly my personal favorite movie of all
time. I cherish Titanic nobody can stop me loving this film because pretty much everyone seen Titanic and still remember memorable scenes and performances. You understand why Titanic is loved my so many that possibly no one can hate it or judge by many technical aspects. Titanic is meant to break your heart because a relationship this close and romantic your date can walk out speechless. 

In conclusion Titanic is yet another genuinely epic masterpiece without question. I have nothing to say about it really because I think Titanic is a daring masterpiece in terms of visuals, characters, dialogue and chemistry is the film’s biggest highlights and never disappoints me on multiple viewings. This was a depressing yet beautiful film in my childhood and now I wish Hollywood would not never never! remake this film since this is such a classical, well-written,
directed masterpiece I give Titanic so much credit crafting history’s most jaw dropping events ever told.

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