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This review may contain spoilers.

"uWu look at me, im le reboot!!! xDDDDDD"

The Matrix 4 has a really hard time justifying its own existence, and the metaness of its writing ontop of being a Force Awakens-style rehash of the first movie with unremarkable action scenes, a cheesy fanfic-tier story, so-so new characters, and a really fucking weird re-appearance from Agent Smith (obviously not played by Hugo Weaving in this case) leave a lot to be desired. Also as decent of an actor as Neil Patrick Harris is, he seems kind of out-of-place as the film's main antagonist. Overall it baits for nostalgia over the first movie while also carrying more of the same wishywashy preachy meta meme crap that made Revolutions such a polarizing film, and regardless of whether you even liked that one or not I'd approach this new entry with caution. At-least it's kind of cool seeing Carrie Ann Moss back with Keanu Reeves one more time, and hey that Unreal Engine 5 tech demo tie-in they did on the PS5 is fucking dope!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to call up Agent Smith so he can take me out to dinner with a delicious virtual steak and I can negotiate a deal to program me into a reality where the Matrix was only ever one movie and the sequels don't exist, in exchange for betraying and selling-out my dumb "redpilled" friends who actually like the sequels better for some reason.

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