I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

I wasn't alive when Tonya Harding was a popular image in our culture. However, when her representation played by Margot Robbie called out the audience, "us", by saying we were abusive for making her feel like shit when fame hit her, I felt like shit. Like I had nothing to do with it, hell I wasn't even aware of the "incident" before seeing the film really, and I still felt bad for the way the world judged her without knowing the whole truth.

Of course that's what the whole film is about is truth and evaluating things we don't truly know about, but we make judgements on anyway. Which, I really liked this film's take on the biopic. Which once again, my least favorite genre, but once again I found an exception to the rule.

What I think works most with I, Tonya, is the really good editing. The way it's able to wave from one scene to the next like a good mockumentary that tells a big cohesive story that travels through time, and gives us just what we want when we want it.

The one point of the film that made me feel a little uncomfortable that is of course it's told in a comedic tone with dabs of melodrama. So with that, some unfortunate moments of abuse seem to come off as comedic. This isn't a reoccuring thing fortunately, but in the beginning it rubbed me off the wrong way. However, as we see throughout the film, the abuse does not go unaddressed and it made me feel better as the film went on.

The acting this year has just been great for films, I can't get over the performances in this especially from Allison Janney. Like I've always wanted to see her being a big award winner and now she's going against Laurie Metcalf at the Oscars and I don't know who I want to win more, I've even got my boyfriend interested in the Best Supporting Actress race. Really though, when they showed the footage of the real people - which I still think is a treat gimmick, but alas - I was so impressed how everyone was able to embody these real people so well. Like it was more than imitation, but rather breathing familiar life on screen.

Also we didn't get "Gloria" by Laura Branigan not once, but twice and I was blessed.

Finally an unrelated note: there was a couple next to me and my boyfriend and this guy motioned to us and his wife leaned over to look at us and I guess they didn't like gay PDA and literally walked by and said "I'm sorry, but we won't be coming back anyway." And I was like cool dude whatever, and THEN they just moved to the row in front of us and like... okay cool at least I got my arm rest back.

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