Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour ★★★

I used to be a much bigger fan of Taylor Swift. Something about her branding and this last album really put a damper on all of that. I still enjoy her music a lot, especially Red and Speak Now, but this just had too much from Reputation for me to enjoy. Also her ticket prices are that high and that's all she does?? I'm not saying she has to perform high concepts like Madonna or Gaga, but to charge that much just for her to wiggle on stage? I mean she does it for the LWYMMD number, but that's it. She is better suited to the microphone and acoustics rather than flashy lights and music that overpowers her voice. She's not much of an showman and makes the "Netflix event" a bit lackluster, but I will admit that "All Too Well" and "New Year's Day" definitely got me feeling something.