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  • Evil Dead II
  • Tigers Are Not Afraid
  • Under the Skin
  • Headless

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  • Cut


  • La Llorona


  • The Gingerdead Man


  • Achoura


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  • Cut


    Only way that was going to get sorted out.

    What a dancer of a Villain, and how frustrating is the director guy? I kept thinking this guy is super successful, he came up with how many good plans during that? Nowt, what a wet wipe.


  • La Llorona

    La Llorona


    When you've got a Da who's been well n truly seedy in his past. Yet you have to care for him.

    You're a prick and you know you are....
    AAAAAAAAAAAA Prick and you know you are
    Cheers for ma halfslide sister n thatbut
    you're a PRICK and your the height o shite.

    This is beyond fabulous. Imagine being the wife, nae, imagine being the daughter, no the servant daughter, no the short ass its all caught up on you general.

    I mean wee shortarse is shrewd, but not enough gerona. A Dr in medicine and a servant daughter wised up on the black magic. Caught pal.

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  • Terrified



    Oh mammy, suddenly my childhood fear of the old bent naked man coming from under my bed is alive n well in my life.

    That was excellent, I bloody well needed that. The willies just kept on coming, I jumped, I let out an oh, and I may even hide under my covers later! Be still my thumping heart!

    Instead of smiling to see dafties get off'd I was genuinely concerned for the 3 experts and that lovely cop. See I do care!

  • Mandy



    I feel like I've absorbed a few of The Doors albums.

    My one irk was how easy it did seem to off the LSD scags. But hey they were just people not cenobite bikers.

    Loved the boozy bathroom bonkers aka Nic Cage in his zone. The booze looked like when Popeye has his spinach. Off to avenge his girl.

    Mandy was mesmerising. Her art, her stories, well I'd like to know her. When she laughs the fuck at Chief Droopy Dick, I GRINED