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  • Cursed



    Day 17 Wes Craven.

    Well I enjoyed the dream scene. Wes never lets me down there. 

    The rest....looking at my dog thinking a dog werewolf?, and just why does Ellie's face change so much throughout the film, by the end her forehead is blown up and the rest of her face is skeletor. I feel like I've watched a loop of snapchat filters.

  • The Queen of Spades

    The Queen of Spades


    September Scavenger Hunt. Day 16. What decade of life are you in?

    Hooptober 6.0 - Country Britain

    What are you? Appreciate what life gives you, or grab it by the throat and force it to give it what you want.

    Captain Herman was the latter and he decided the way he was going to choke it out was to......... be good at cards.

    This is great heebie jeebie watch for this time of year. I wouldn't mind a read of…

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  • Mandy



    I feel like I've absorbed a few of The Doors albums.

    My one irk was how easy it did seem to off the LSD scags. But hey they were just people not cenobite bikers.

    Loved the boozy bathroom bonkers aka Nic Cage in his zone. The booze looked like when Popeye has his spinach. Off to avenge his girl.

    Mandy was mesmerising. Her art, her stories, well I'd like to know her. When she laughs the fuck at Chief Droopy Dick, I GRINED

  • Spider Forest

    Spider Forest


    In the woods beauty, then struck in the face right into a messy scene, covered in hatching spiders out of corpses. Heebie jeebie crawlers. Guaranteed itching!

    There is a back story/mystery and its a gid un. The relevance of the spider, oh mammy! Those two cool kids, wrap your scarves on as the violins are going to screech your heart out. Its really pretty but heart breaking. A fairytale but not the glittery kind, the dark and dismal side, with time hops. Us souls, we sort it out in the end