Carnosaur ★★★

Purex Poultry hey. I don't know about you but when someone overuses words like 'I'm not lying to you', 'honestly', 'trust me', 'pure' I tend to smell a rotten egg.

Fresh corporation greed, exquisite exploitative experimentation, juicy payback -  savour it, ram it in, more, more, MORE!
The Carnosaur had some happy munching, reminded me of a cross between that Chewits advert with Godzilla, and Kermit the frog fleeing from Miss Piggy.

The fevered labour in her tights was outstanding. Pop!

This film is to be devoured when your feeling poorly, with a nice hot bowl of chicken soup.

I enjoyed this immensely, stick a fork in me because I am stuffed.

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