Parasite ★★★★

The smell part reminded me of something a guy once said to me. Edinburgh smells of burnt toast, but Glasgow smells of pish.
I wonder if it was actually The Parks that gave off the smell. Smelt it, dealt it.

The Kims need to get out of the depths of their living conditions and cosy into anyone\thing that can offer more. First the son gets his chance and settles in, then he starts the chain event to nuzzle in the rest of his family. It's fun to watch.

I was fearful for the turning point as I liked everyone too much.Then ding dong, time for carnage.

I smiled away at the love these 3 family's have for each other, they were all so nice and would do anything for their OWN family. Damn this film was peachy.

Still pondering on who would you say is the parasite? The rich sooking out what they need and tossing the poor away when they cross that line, or the poor grasping for a nugget?

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