Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

Day 12. 2019.

Well its soon going to be board games overload so it sat really well at this time of year.

A game of hidie, on your wedding night. The vinyl eccentricity was the cherry on the top. Grace is a great girl, she puts herself through a lot and keeps on. That climb out of the pit, that's where my admiration hit the top of the broken ladder for Grace. Squirmed at the nail. Those damn rusty nails!

The GAMES A BOGEY!, or GAMES UP THE POLE!, or even TEAS OOT! was not an option. The family all were enjoyable and just as lovable at the end. Auntie with her silver flame hair and axe was spot on. Even the goats went for her.

Hail Satan.

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