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  • Psycho
  • Vertigo
  • In a Lonely Place
  • Body Heat

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  • Alfie

  • The Shadow of the Cat

  • The Damned

  • Vortex

Recent reviews

  • Alfie


    Truly perverse comic drama with a number of great performances, namely Michael Caine as the titular, womanizing, cad Alfie on the loose in swinging London of the mid 1960's. Unfazed as he sleeps his way through town and manipulates numerous “birds” he picks up on his radar, Caine brilliantly makes this creep sort of likable, particularly during his frequent direct address to the camera giving articulate tutorials on deceit, manipulation and domestication. Ultimately, what makes the film memorable is the…

  • The Shadow of the Cat

    The Shadow of the Cat

    House cat Tabitha witnesses the brutal murder of her wealthy matriarch and vows revenge on the greedy killers - the scheming husband and crooked house staff. While it starts with a nasty murder sequence in a patently gothic Hammer House of Horror location and there’s an undeniable charge from Tabitha’s plan to destroy the conspirators, it’s really not as much fun as it should be. In spite of the hoopla of a cobwebbed attic, a tomb like basement and violent…

Popular reviews

  • The Northman

    The Northman

    Sporadically entertaining and always ambitious hokum with some strong performances and lots of austere tableau shots masquerading as high art.  2 hours plus of performative patriarchy feels more like a contemporary superhero tent pole or a PS5 game than the brooding, mythic epic it wants to be.

  • Vortex


    “To all those whose brains will decompose before their hearts”

    Pointedly experiential and confrontational, this meditation on the loss of personhood and identity is mournful and provocative. Stylistically, this is unlike but, at the same time, ironically similar to Noe’s existing oeuvre. It’s an unsettling mash up of confusion, frustration and the endless repetition that is dementia spinning downward to its untenable conclusion. Noe’s formal device here is a “split screen” dichotomy that while occasionally distracting, more often than not,…