Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

I don’t know if it’s a good movie but I don’t give a single FUCK because this is literally what my entire movie going life has been leading up to. The sentimentality that waved over me as the movie started and the avengers theme play said we ✈️ good feelings. I don’t CARE that the end fight looked like it was straight out of a video game. I don’t CARE that it is a movie made almost entirely of callbacks. Because I understand them. I get them. I’ve seen these movies for 11 years and it’s nice to be told by marvel “hey, I gotchu. Here’s EVERY character we’ve ever put on film” I’m having a CARDIAC ARREST in this chillis tonight. Everything anyone has ever said they wanted from a marvel movie they GAVE!!!! FOR 180 MINUTES STRAIGHT I WAS IN ANOTHER WORLD WHERE ALL I CARED ABOUT WERE THESE HEROES FINDING A WAY TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE!! IM FUCKING SCREAMING!!! FUCK ME CHRIS EVANSSSSS!!!!!!!

The art of movie making or whatever might have lost but the thirst to get railed by Chris Evans never do!!!

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