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  • Tribes



    A black man, a white man, and an Arabic man, get on a train...

    No, it's not the beginning of one of your da's dicey jokes. Instead throw some guns into the mix and you get the set-up for a funny, clever, and breezy short film that tackles identity and community.

    "Or, y'know-- motherfucker!"

    Watch it for free on YouTube here:

  • Mulan



    Judging by the impressive trailers I really thought Disney would clear that admittedly low bar and Mulan would be its best live-action remake (Jungle Book, represent!)

    But it wasn't to be. This is a qwhite toothless affair that left me feeling as bored as Jet Li looked. Maybe its because, like everyone else, I had to watch this at home, but for a film with a $200 million budget it looked a lot like a TV movie. For every beautiful…

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  • Black Swan

    Black Swan


    Every time that I see 'Black Swan' again, I succumb to its beautifully dark and sinister spell some more. I cannot pick any fault with it, and every aspect - be it technical or narrative-based - doesn't only make me fall in love with Darren Aronofsky's masterpiece a little bit more, but it makes me fall in love with cinema a lot more (I didn't think it was possible).

    Because a masterpiece, a cinematic tour de force and a pure…

  • American Beauty

    American Beauty



    A shabby looking young man is pushing a trolley down the frozen food aisle of MORSSIONS SUPERMARKET with a lack of interest. His trolley is full of typical unhealthy food which is often associated to students - microwave meals and pot noodles.

    He comes out of the aisle, and tries desperately not to make eye contact or even acknowledge other BORED SHOPPERS, he notices the DVD BARGAIN BIN. The BARGAIN BIN is full of DANNY…