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Close Encounters of the Nope Kind.

Despite the fact in the cinema I had clowns on the left of me (a couple commentating on the entire film) and a joker to the right (some weird guy giggling throughout it all, culminating in him madly cackling when the chimp gets shot), I really enjoyed the latest sojourn into the mind of Jordan Peele.

There's an argument to be made that the plot would benefit from more focus, but I genuinely found myself enjoying every scene. Peele is a master at generating atmosphere and I think it's achieved through him taking his time, and it's also thanks largely to what is his best technical filmmaking to date where he manages to conjure up some truly nightmarish images that may very well become iconic, be it a very bloody house, gross digestion process, or a neat homage to Akira. All the while Daniel Kaluuya is as magnetic as ever, and Keke Palmer is a freight train of charisma.

Much like with Us, I think there are some themes that may have gone over my head. I loved how there is a love letter to cinema and westerns from a black perspective snuck into the story. The wonderful Steven Yeun's character seems to be manifesting the folly of man trying to tame beast. There's probably a tonne more of deeper shit to be found here, so I'm looking forward to saying 'yep' to Nope again in the future.

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