Upgrade ★★★★

Expertly toes the line between B-movie sci-fi schlock and tight, surprisingly emotional storytelling thanks to a darkly pleasant tonal mash-up that makes full use of inventive camerawork, sharp dialogue, and a career best performance from Logan Marshall-Green. This is yet another violent film to add to the ever-expanding canon of men out for revenge for their murdered wife, but this time with a neat body horror twist.

Surprising not just for its descent into brutality after an unhurried first act, but also for its almost classical feeling. They just don't make them like this anymore, and this wouldn't feel out of place in the late 80s, early 90s wheelhouse of Cameron and Verhoeven. The occasional plot point nags - I don't quite buy the lead detective putting more effort into investigating the victim of the inciting crime rather than the perpetuators - but if your idea of a furiously entertaining 90-minutes is seeing people getting killed in creative and bloody ways then who gives a shit?

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