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  • Beware: Children at Play


  • Killer's Delight


  • The Incredible Melting Man


  • Too Beautiful to Die


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  • Beware: Children at Play

    Beware: Children at Play


    That ending could never be recreated today

    Cook Book Film Review
    1 cup Children Of The Corn
    1/4 cup Memorial Valley Massacre

    Grab all the evil children goodness into a bowl with all that feral flavors and let it all start to boil up with those flavors as you slowly stir in a little of that Bible bumping belt seasonings and let that sit and start simmering those flavors for a dish packing some big flavors in

    Wrong Turn

  • Killer's Delight

    Killer's Delight


    Killer's Delight Recipe in this

    Cook Book Film Review
    1 cup Ted Bundy
    Dash of In The Heat Of The Night

    Grab all that police procedural goodness and chop it finely and into the pot. Throw in a little sazon of true crime and let that start to boil together. Throw in a helping of exploitation and stir in slowly as the heat start to rise as things start to bubble up and simmer with those rich flavors. Stir it…

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  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    Will have your butthole puckered up like a bagel

    Cook Book Film Review
    1 cup Shiva Baby
    Dash of Death At A Funeral
    Dash of Uncut Gems

    Grab all that Jewish goodness into the pan and slowly crank up that heat as you pour in all that dark comedy seasoning and let it all start to simmer up in those rich flavors in

    The Graduate
    Strap in for the film that is in an arms race with Uncut Gems in…

  • Incubus



    They sure loved to say "enormous amount of sperm..."

    Cook Book Film Review
    1 cup The Incubus
    Dash of Friday The 13th
    Dash of Possession

    Grab all that all that folk horror goodness and pour in a helping of slasher seasoning and let all that start to simmer up in the pot and slowly stir in those rich flavors for a dish packing unsettling flavors in

    Strap in for this supernatural quasi slasher demonic nightmare fueled by enormous amount…