Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story ★★★

the fact that weenie in a bottle was not featured was disappointing but lets cook up some Amish Treats

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Grab all that Weird grab all that Al grab all that Yankovic into a pot and let it all simmer up in this 100% accuracy deliciousness in

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Strap in its time to ride another bus and eat it for this revisionist musical parody biopic history adventure about the real origins of the Amish Paradise filled with Party City costume celebrity cameos, accordion, parodies, drug cartels, curly hair and shirtless hairy chest.

For better or worse this feels like those early SNL films that were pumping out during the early 2000s and for me those films were very hit or miss, or they were fun but at times felt very stretched out story with too much padding to make up for a feature runtime.

I did enjoy the film for the most part, but it did not live up the hype that I was hearing about this film. I grew up listening to a few Weird Al I think he is funny but not a diehard fan but very casual and I think Weird Al fans will love this.

It's a clever film with a fun clever idea of making a film that is a parody of biopic musical movies and for the most part it delivers in that but at the same time there is a lot of stupidity that did not work for me in here. Not all the jokes land I probably had maybe 3 good laughs in the film and the other might have chuckled or gone hey that was a decent joke. I laughed more at the final credit music from Weird Al that is genuinely funny and great, and I wish the film was consistently that from start to finish.

Radcliffe is great in the role he is so funny, and his timing is hilarious, and he really does get lost in the role Radcliffe is such a great actor and he really does carry and makes most of this film work.

Overall C+ 7/10 Rental. The film is clever and has some great humorous moments that work paired with Radcliffe stellar comedic performances with some clever visual gag makes this a fun entertaining watch that at times becomes too silly and absurd too fully enjoy but it's the Weird Al way. Fans of Al I think will enjoy and have a blast with this causal fan there are things and great fun moments to enjoy. It's not a bad comedy to watch at home on a rainy day or night in with pizza and friends

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