Werewolf by Night

Werewolf by Night ★★★★

Ok the experiment worked can we now get Blade

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1 cup Werewolf By Night
Dash of Wolfman
Dash of Doctor Dolittle

Grabb all those dark macabre goodness into a pot with that MCU in it and let it boil up in flavors then strain and pour in the rest of the goodness for a dish in

The Monster Squad
Strap in for Marvel's Universal Monster mash in this hairy supernatural horror adventure into the dark side of the MCU about a guy who is a werewolf

This was awesome is so many ways. It's awesome that we got a fun darker horror story in Marvel this just got my excitement for Blade up that the MCU could pull of a monster horror driven story.

visually this awesome a great love letter to those films in the 1930s 1940s the style and world they create here is fun and immersive. I know nothing of the source material, and I was fine and excited to revisit this world and characters

The story is fast sweet, and action filled when it needs it. the horror element is pulled off very well it's not terribly watered down give me more

Overall B+ 8/10 Full Price. This is an awesome offering from the MCU that brings in the supernatural and horror into the MCU that works well. great visuals great effects great story and a great cast. Highly Recommended

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