Before Midnight

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I'm just going to count this as the review of the trilogy. I have never ever encountered dialogue and characters written more realistically and flawlessly flawed than Jessie and Celine.
This was a blind watch after reddit recommended when I sought similar films to Midnight in Paris.

The first film is the epitome of hopeless romantics' fantasies and like the characters we become lost in time until being deposited back into the real.

The second film is a conversation in motion. When I paused it to go and make a coffee I was shocked to see that forty minutes had elapsed. It felt like five.

The finale is the most real, juxtaposing the surreal of the first film. The fight is one of the best pieces of cinema I have seen. I felt like I was sitting in on a real argument with real people. Even in the best of films, I always know that I'm watching actors, hell even in the first two films I knew it was acting. Not here, this was real.

If you're a fan of cinema, romance, or life then you need to see this trilogy. It will challenge and reaffirm everything you think you know about relationships.