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  • And Tomorrow the Entire World

    And Tomorrow the Entire World

    WINNER - Best Ensemble at the 56th Chicago international Film Festival

    How far would you go to stand up for what you believe in? Wide-eyed and idealistic law student Luisa is convinced by best friend Batte to move into an Antifa commune in Berlin, leaving the comfort of her parents’ middle-class home behind. While most of the residents hold to non-violent ideals, one faction, led by the charismatic Alfa, starts preparing to take more radical action to counter the ever-louder…

  • Careless Crime

    Careless Crime

    WINNER - Silver Hugo, Jury Prize at the 56th Chicago International Film Festival

    A group of four men in modern-day Iran plot to burn down a movie theater, an act that replicates a historical tragedy that occurred 40 years prior, as society was teetering on revolution. The cinema in their crosshairs is premiering a film about an unexploded missile—a crowd gathers outside the theater in anticipation. Past and present, fact and fiction merge as the world begins to bend toward…

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  • The Reason I Jump

    The Reason I Jump

    Based on the groundbreaking memoir by 13-year-old author Naoki Higashida, this fascinating documentary uses an immersive, impressionistic approach to chronicle the rich inner lives of non-speaking autistic people from India, Britain, the U.S., and Sierra Leone. Filmmaker Jerry Rothwell draws empathic portraits of his subjects and their families, and then, in a visually sumptuous artistic flourish, he interweaves their experiences with images of a young Japanese boy playing on a stormy coast. All the while, narrated passages from Naoki’s book…

  • Belushi


    From his early days as a child growing up in Wheaton, Illinois, John Belushi demonstrated an extraordinary facility for comedy and music—by age 30, he’d conquered Hollywood as one of the founding cast members of Saturday Night Live and the star of the comic blockbuster The Blues Brothers. His insatiable drive made him an unstoppable and pioneering force in the world of entertainment, but as his fame grew, so did his struggles with substance abuse, leading to an untimely demise…