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  • Rosemary's Baby

    Rosemary's Baby


    guy woodhouse sold his wife to a fucking cult to advance his career, watched her be raped and impregnated with satan's baby, and then had the nerve to act as if nothing happened at all. had it not been for his handsome face i would have sent him to the electric chair myself. i don't know a worse person.

  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder


    What did he look like?

    Well... kind of plain.

    In what way?

    Just... ordinary.

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  • The Edge of Seventeen

    The Edge of Seventeen


    a movie about a melodramatic, jealous, self-hating, pretentious young girl who wants to die... can't believe my life has been plagiarized like this!

  • Prisoners



    when hugh jackman sees jake gyllenhaal and whispers "fuck me"... relatable™