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    Maybe the best breakdown for classism in the US that I have ever seen. Jordan Peele absolutely destroys any notion of a sophomore slump with an insanely well shot and written film. Sure the ending might be slightly guessable, but in discovering what the ending is it makes you re-assess the entire film. Incredibly suggestible.

  • Slaughterhouse Rulez

    Slaughterhouse Rulez


    What a weirdly disappointing film.

    The premise is simple enough and they were able to lock down an incredible cast for the film, however it was just exceedingly weak at every turn. The main plot of the film takes FAR too long to get off the ground and when it does the produced effects are (to be blunt) extremely unsatisfactory.

    Unsure if it got lost in editing hell, but the horror is never scary enough, the humor is always off…

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  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    On the higher end of Marvel's "mid-tier" movies, like Ant Man with more teeth in the game. Comedy is on point throughout the entire film and whereas the plot falls short at points throughout the film, the stellar cast ties it together nicely.

    incredible ensemble cast / soundtrack is amazing / humor extremely on point

    plot has significant amount of weak points / no real villains

    My current Ranking of Marvel films...

    1 - Capt. America: Winter Soldier…