A Ghost Story ★★½

I thought it was ok.

Ok does not mean bad.

I do not dislike like it.

There are things I really liked, and things I really didn't like.

Must make that clear.

Ok, so the whole concept is brilliant (The entire film feels like the last fifteen minutes of a very, VERY famous syfy movie). I had no clue what this movie was about going into the theater, so I won't say anything plot related in case you are in the same boat I was in. However, it's one of those movies where the concept is brilliant, and some places it goes with that concept are cool, but a majority of it is just so dull and a majority (NOT ALL) of it goes in the direction you would expect this exact story to go.

A lot of the shots are great....but a lot of them are also long, and not the good long. I'm sorry but watching someone eat pie for about 4 1/2 minutes is nothing really to praise. I felt like I was watching one of my pretentious professor's movies at film school (I say that because he has a 9 1/2 minute long shot of a couple eating dinner and the only sentence said the entire time is "The tacos aren't good").

It'll make you think about time, and how you should spend it doing bigger and better things with your life than watching movies that keep getting overhyped.

The song was good though.