Dunkirk ★★★★½

It's SIGNIFICANTLY better the second time.

I didn't really address many of my thoughts in my first post, so here we go:

Dunkirk is more of a survival horror film rather than a war film. Most of you probably already knew that, but the way it is handled was really unexpected to me. You never see an enemy soldier throughout the entire thing. There's never any firefights shown on screen. There's no quirky characters like in Saving Private Ryan (granted, I still prefer Saving Private Ryan's approach). Everything is just gloomy, with doom always feeling dominant.

Without spoiling anything, the way the story is told is great, and the fact that none of the three stories really out performs the others is kind of incredible.

The way the perfect sound design is mixed with Hans Zimmer chilling score will give anyone goosebumps. The IMAX screen makes the visuals look awesome, but out of the few films I have experienced in IMAX, this one made the sound feel the most present.

Also, it's so fresh to finally see a movie that GETS GUNSHOTS AND EXPLOSIONS RIGHT. I'm sick and tired of blockbusters winging it and making sounds that don't shake up the audience. It's an explosion...make it FEEL like one.

The cinematography is unreal. There are about a dozens shots that are just burned into my mind after seeing this movie twice, and I feel like that happens less and less these days.

Although the acting is good (Rylance, Murphy, and Styles being the standouts), I still don't think there was a single "really good" character in this movie. While they all serve their purpose and it's very clear that the focus was placed on the story, visuals, sound, and tone, it's weird to see a Nolan film not have any great characters when literally every other movie of his is filled with them.

Also, still not really a fan of the final shot. It's more so the transition between the last two that bugs me, but that's really a nitpick.

I stand by my statement where I still believe it is one of Nolan's "weaker" films, but the fact that this is one of his weakest just proves he is one of (if not) the best filmmakers working today.

It's unlike any other war movie or anthology.

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