My favourites are four first-time watches I loved in April 2022

Favorite films

  • C'mon C'mon
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • Starting Over
  • I Want You Back

Recent activity

  • The Man

  • Tammy and the Bachelor

  • My Cousin Rachel

  • In This Our Life

Recent reviews

  • The Man

    The Man

    An absolutely fascinating TV movie that really could have benefitted from being a series (it does feel like a backdoor pilot) - there’s so much going on here in terms of character and narrative and themes, it all seems rather ill-served by the 90 minute duration, especially when so many of those minutes are taken up by Rod Serling’s eloquent but often repetitively didactic speeches.

    James Earl Jones is phenomenal, bringing both immense gravitas and fragility to his portrayal of…

  • Tammy and the Bachelor

    Tammy and the Bachelor

    Very, nearly, almost sickly sweet, but it just about manages to stay on the right side of saccharine thanks to the irresistibly earnest charm of Debbie Reynolds, and also young Leslie Nielsen being - as I believe the kids say - ‘a snack’.

Popular reviews

  • Roll Red Roll

    Roll Red Roll

    If you’re looking to get angry - and I mean blood-boilingly, ear-steamingly furious - then I’ve got just the documentary for you...

  • Vice


    I hate this kind of filmmaking. Smug, condescending, didactic nonsense - Adam McKay has no faith in our intelligence and so everything he wants to says is capitalised, italicised, and underlined twelve times with a big, fat marker. I’ve not seen anything this decade so nakedly contemptuous of its audience as this film’s post-credits scene. 

    And everything he wants to say? It’s been said before. So many times. The level of arrogance it takes to present such old information as…