The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 ★★½

This is simultaneously the smallest scope and also most unhinged of these movies. It's hilarious because a good half of this movie is about how Edward has erectile dysfunction, and the other half is some of the most raw and intense shit in this whole series. It gets into some mad dark shit later and I kind of appreciate the boldness but it's also off putting because it's a quite abrupt shift. I've said in each of these reviews that the characters are the high point of the series and while that's still true, Jacob is really, really awful here. He is entirely unjust and out of pocket for this entire movie. It's a shame because in the other ones he was always okay but here he's just poorly written. But still, all the other characters are pretty good and Bella is kind of at her peak here. You really feel synced with what she's going through and she makes a couple interesting decisions that make her more strong and independent from the audience.

Though of course, Kristen Stewart 👑 is still the highlight. She cashes in a killer performance in this one and really projects the issues that Bella is stuck with. I know that people clown on these movies and that's fine, but I just asked that people stop ragging on Kristen Stewart 👑 because she was pretty great in these and whatever shortcomings they have aren't because of her. A lot of the issues that people have with the performances of these can be ascribed to the awful editing and pretty lackluster directing. You can tell it's not that well directed because there isn't much continuity between the actors. That's why even though she killed it she could only do so much because no one else was on quite the same frequency. That on top of the editing that has no rhythm or consistency makes these movies often feel awkward, but if you look past that you'll see that Kristen 👑 and the majority of the cast kind of nailed their roles in isolation.

This movie feels strangely lopsided, and I think a big reason for it is that this is only the first half of this story. You'll often find that movies in series that are split into two parts like this feel incomplete or just kind of off in general.

But despite my issues with it, my Queen Kristen 👑 slayed this movie and anyone willing to talk shit about her has to go through me first 😡.

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