Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

I used to really like hide and seek back in the day.
Grace marries into a super rich family that have a tradition of playing a parkour game on the wedding night with the newly initiated family member, she’s now in a game of hide and seek for her life.
Yeahhhh. I mean, it’s a solid movie with some great ideas I just don’t think anything is executed that well honestly. It has its moments of humour and suspense, but I don’t think either really hits the highs it could’ve done. A lot of the comedy felt really forced for me, it just wasn’t all well written. Probably not helped by most of the characters being very one dimensional. Samara Weaving is certainly the best of the bunch, but I like her performance a lot more when she’s in terror as opposed to when she’s cracking a joke (even if her scream sounds ridiculous). I love the setting of the film, it’s probably my favourite thing about it, when they’re in the main house anyway, but big parts are tucked between the walls and outside, which is just generic as all hell. The “theme song” is very good, I like the creepy but subtle vibe that it gives off and generally the film is shot well enough. The film suffers most from almost borrowing ideas from other films, recent films too and ones that I wasn’t that big on initially in some cases. You get vibes of You’re Next, The Cabin in the Woods and The Purge, just with more of a sprinkling of comedy in some cases. The film is very violent and does have some great gore and kills, I’ll give it that.
Ready or Not is a good horror movie, nothing more for me. I think I would watch it again, but it’s not one that’s anywhere near standing out in this decade with some fantastic films that we’ve had. I’d still recommend it though, generally.


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