The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

I like to rewatch great films, sue me.
A writer comes to stay at the hotel, meets and dines with the owner and asks him the story of how he come to own the hotel. it flashes back and we see the owner as a Lobby Boy, working for Concierge Gustave. A story of love, murder and the world that binds us all together.
I love this film the first time I saw it (around release) I loved it once more this time. I have now grown more and more familiar with Wes Anderson's work. and I think that made me love this even more. It's also made me want to rewatch more of his stuff, but I digress. I love every single set he design, they're all so colourful and charming. He also has a keen ear for the music that he chooses to put in his films, I don't think this is the best example of that, but it's always very good. Ralph Fiennes is fantastic as Monsieur Gustave, the definite standout of all of the performances. But it's an all-star cast so granted, there's great performances all over the park and there's a lot of high calibur cameos. One of my favourite parts of this film is the actual story, is so well written, I know the story was inspired by the works of Stefan Zweig, whose work I am not familiar with because I watch films. The film also has that distinct Anderson style of comedy, and the interesting way he chooses to deal with sadness in his films, I love it.
The Grand Budapest Hotel is a great film, one of the best of 2014, and one of my favourite Wes Anderson films.


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