Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★½

i think i've officially fallen out of love with this movie. i could go more into what i didn't like (oliver is insufferable? and jesus, does it have to be that bloated? i mean, i was having a nice time with what i'd seen until i got up to pee and saw that there was still AN HOUR AND A HALF TO GO WHAT COULD YOU POSSIB-), but i think i just want to mention what remains positive i guess:

it's still gorgeous to look at. the cinematography was never a problem i had. frankly, i'll never tire of beauty or nice camerawork. nor was the music and how it fits into the aesthetics and the feelings of the scenes. nor was the train station scene (i just love train stations!) there's plenty to love in this movie, and i absolutely see why people do because so did i for a little bit there.

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