Terrifier ★★★

If there's gonna be a nostalgia for ugly, digital looking 2010 horror movies like there is for 80's VHS horror, then I can see this being hailed as somewhat of a hidden classic? It has so many flaws, but those are all the flaws of say the Camp Blood movies, and Terrifier is naturally better from it's emphasis on practical disfiguration effects and just a host of weird ideas.

As far as Art the Clown goes, there wasn't really enough that was consistent to him for me, although some of the surprises are the best parts. Oh, and if the ending isn't the most pointless twist in the world, I don't know what is. That's not to say I don't dig it tho, and if it's setting up for a sequel, let's hope the implications of the ending won't Puppet Master II us and promise us a sequel we only sorta get like thirty years later.