The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

I went into The Devil All The Time blindly, didn’t see a single trailer but was aware of how stacked this cast was. A mutual of mine was nice enough to send me a screener so I was able to see it two days before it drops on Netflix and overall I was pretty conflicted.

This wasn’t a bad movie at all, there was a handful of good things. First of all, the performances are very good; the standouts being Tom Holland (his best performance ever, a side we’ve never seen him be), Robert Pattinson, and Riley Keough. Those 3 stood out the most for me but everyone else was pretty great. Secondly, this was a very challenging movie, there are times where it gets so dark to the point where you’re not sure what can happen and it can be difficult for some viewers. It doesn’t get too disturbing but there were some heavy aspects; the pacing is off at times which didn’t help, you can start feeling the 138min runtime halfway into the film.

Overall, this was somewhat of a mixed bag, I expected to love this movie but I thought it was simply ok. However, definitely check this out because the talent involved makes it intriguing. Netflix might be the heavy hitter for the upcoming award season but don’t expect The Devil All The Time to be a contender; maybe for Holland’s performance but it’s a longshot.

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