Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★


So i am in NYC celebrating a recent engagement and my soon to be future wife and i who adore indies went and saw this tonight. I was in tears.

This subject is tough for a lot of friends of mine even my best friend who has told me that he will not support it at all cause of subject.

I went into for filmmaking and wanted to see and holy shit this is a coming of age romance masterpiece.

Move over Gary Oldman. Timothy Chamatlee gives my favorite male performance of the year. This kid seems so trying to find himself and one side he is the life of the party the other he alone. When he meets Oliver you get something with him and Hammer chemistry which is off the fucking rails.

Hammer where do i begin. He is amazing in The Social Network. He blew chunks in The Lone Ranger and im iffy on him in MFU but here he gives the best performance of his career. Well done.

Also the father is good as well.

There a peach scene that made me not want to eat a peach for hours. (That a Nicolas Cage joke)

i experience a movie that will keep people talking for a long time. CMBYN has a subject that while it different and odd at first much more than that. That final shot still has me in tears. I was like wow no holds bar. This movie is #2 of the year. A masterpiece of cinema.


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