Moebius ★★★★★

Unable to find the subtitle option in the DVD menu, I held on to the remote with my finger poised over the subtitle option, ready to bring them up if they were not embedded. They were not embedded. There were none. There is no dialogue. That was only shock number one. As this incredible but very difficult film progresses, the shocks keep coming. Others have written most eloquently of this film so I will not dwell upon the Freudian and Buddhist overtones suffice to say this is not a frivolous or exploitative movie even if I did have to turn away once or twice. Many point out the humorous nature of this but smile though I did a few times it is difficult to laugh with a pistol pointed at your penis and a knife in your back. So, there is castration, self mutilation, rape, incest, genital surgery, sex and violence. All fairly explicit but in fairness to this great director, also very much to the point.