Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★★

This is only okay but it has a very good start and if it had only gone a little bit further could have ad a sensational finish. The rats (mice?) and the lovemaking couple in the car is really well done to get things off to a scary, horrible and ultimately very gory beginning but although there is some fun to be had with elephants breaking out of the zoo and a cheetah chases a car down a high street (Frankfurt?) ir is not too horrific. Elephant foot on the face is not too pretty, I must say, though. Most interesting thing here is that the director is he of the Mondo Cane films and aside from the documentary style, Uncle Tom is his first dramatic feature. There is also quite an Umberto Lenzi feel here both with those constant zoomed close-ups of gory detail and the presence of Lorraine De Salle who also stared in cannibal Ferox and Ugo Bologna, here the police chief but also featured in Nightmare City. Interesting rather than gripping film and I can only imagine that to end when the children have begun to appear so menacing might have been in hope of a follow-up.

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